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A Springtime Ode to...Flowering Tea

"Where flowers bloom, so does hope," says former First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson.  If there's even an ounce of truth to that, then let the flowers bloom, we say!  What better time to introduce a newcomer to our e-commerce site and in-store shelves: Spring Dream Flowering Tea.   We've always maintained that we don't just drink tea, we experience it.  And no tea could bring to life this sentiment better than our flowering tea.   Hand-stitched with great attention to detail, premium green tea is delicately woven together with jasmine, chrysanthemum, lily, and osmanthus flowers.  At first observance, one notes a rather unimpressive bud.  A dense ball. It's curious - yes - but what lies within has yet to unfold.  The veritable chrysalis to butterfly,...

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