A Springtime Ode to...Flowering Tea

"Where flowers bloom, so does hope," says former First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson. 

If there's even an ounce of truth to that, then let the flowers bloom, we say!  What better time to introduce a newcomer to our e-commerce site and in-store shelves: Spring Dream Flowering Tea.   We've always maintained that we don't just drink tea, we experience it.  And no tea could bring to life this sentiment better than our flowering tea.  

Hand-stitched with great attention to detail, premium green tea is delicately woven together with jasmine, chrysanthemum, lily, and osmanthus flowers.  At first observance, one notes a rather unimpressive bud.  A dense ball. It's curious - yes - but what lies within has yet to unfold.  The veritable chrysalis to butterfly, if you will. If you've never experienced flowering tea, it's actually a little hard to imagine. 

Let's Make (Flowering) Tea.  Let's Steep Hope.

With the kettle on, you notice tendrils of steam curling and spiraling in the air; this is the right time to take the kettle off.  You do not want a roaring boil; these buds are far too delicate for that.  Please, do yourself a favour: find a glass receptacle that is safe to hold hot, steaming water.  A glass teapot is best.  A large wineglass is wonderful.  Even a coffee carafe will work if the other two options aren't a possibility.  It is glass you are after, for you are about to witness a spectacular display.  Fill your glass receptacle slowly with the fresh, steaming water (we typically pre-warm our glass teapot first).  It is important that you first fill the teapot with water before placing the bud.  Next, take one Spring Dream Flowering Tea bud and gently drop it into the steaming water in your teapot. Ah - what to expect?  Well - this densely-packed ball will bob at the top for a moment or two as it drinks in the water.  Little air bubbles may escape as it slowly makes its way to the bottom of your teapot. Down, down, down it goes.  Watch closely, because the show is unfolding, both literally and figuratively.  You will notice the green tea leaves slowly began to fan out, reaching out like a sea anemone.  As the green tea parts, you will see beautiful blossoms begin to emerge.  They grow and bloom before you as though to say, "at last - we get to be who we're meant to be."  As they bloom, the water will take on a pale-grass hue and you'll note light hints of peach, apricot, and lily filling the air.  Once fully bloomed, you may pour off the tea into cups to serve (and we like to immediately top up with steaming water again - gently).  As delicious as it is beautiful, you will recognize that you've just experienced...something.

We have used Springtime Dream Flowering Tea in a variety of ways and for a variety of occasions, and it never fails to captivate its audience.  In large wineglasses, it has served as wedding centrepieces.  It has been hostess gifts, giveaways at baby and wedding showers, and it has graced large family gatherings at Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day brunches.

Yes, indeed, where flowers bloom, so does hope.  

Spring Dream Flowering Tea can be found here if you too would like to see the show. :)




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