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TEAmTime: Connecting Remote Teams Through Tea


We are pleased to provide a unique way for you to bring your remote teams together virtually to connect with each other.  Whether you are looking for a way to recognize a job well done or simply value the impact that "togetherness" has on team and productivity, we are here for you.

TEAmTime is a 1-hour virtual session that brings teams together to taste and learn about high-quality loose-leaf tea.  Led by Susie of All Things Tea, each participant will be shipped a kit brimming with tea and tea accessories - everything needed to fully participate in making the perfect cuppa.  Doesn't get better than TEAmTime!

Susie will work directly with you to ensure that logistics are well in place - your participants just need to have their tea kit, an Internet connection, and an adventurous palate to participate during the scheduled session.


  • 3 different teas (40g each) for tasting 
  • 1 sampler of a rarer connoisseur-type tea for tasting
  • 1 "Perfect Cup of Tea" spoon 
  • 1 stainless-steel tea ball for steeping loose-leaf tea
  • 4 biodegradable, disposable tea sacks


Who is virtual TEAmTime for?

Any remote team leader who finds value in providing fun ways for their teams to connect and learn.

What is the cost?

The cost per participant is $50.00 (which includes shipping).  We provide an invoice that is payable via e-transfer or credit card.

What do participants need to participate?

  • Access to computer/device and Internet
  • Their shipped tea kit of supplies
  • Access to a kettle of boiling water
  • Their favourite (10 oz. to 12 oz.) mug
  • A small dish/bowl to place used tea leaves in
  • A willingness to have fun and ask questions!

How do I book All Things Tea?

If you are interested in booking a virtual TEAmTime session for your team with Susie, please reach her directly by emailing:  -it is best to provide 3 to 4 weeks' notice so that we may nail down timing, assemble, and ship kits.


"I have never seen a 100% return in satisfaction surveys...and all SO positive.  Thank you, Susie.  My team has had a really difficult year and you made this fun and comfortable for everyone. I'll definitely reach out to you again in the future."